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Apple tree


600-800 Times


1. This product should be applied   to the onset of apple's wheeze. When the apple is small, the spray will be   injected with a low dose, and once every 7-10 days, the spray will be sprayed   2 or 3 times.Note that the liquid covering the blade;
  2. Please do not apply the medicine if it is windy or expected to rain within   1 hour.


Mancozeb is a protective   bactericide.Its mechanism is mainly to inhibit the oxidation of pyruvate in   the bacteria.The apple tree line is effective.At the same time it is used   alternately with endoscoped fungicide to delay resistance.


1. The safety interval of this   product in the apple tree is 10 days, and the maximum number of use is 3   times per season.
  2. This product shall not be used in combination with alkaline substances.A   week after the injection of copper, mercury and alkaline agents, the drug can   be sprayed.
  3. Wear protective clothing and gloves when using this product and avoid   inhaling liquid.Do not eat or drink during the application.Wash your hands   and wash your face in time after taking the medicine.
  4. This product is toxic to fish, away from the use of aquaculture area, and   prohibits the cleaning of application equipment in water bodies such as river   ponds;Avoid the water source of contaminated water.
  5. Recommend the rotation of fungicides with different mechanisms.
  6. The used containers should be properly handled, must not be used, and   should not be discarded at will.Avoid contact with pregnant women and   lactating women.

First Aid Instructions:

Symptoms of poisoning are nausea,   vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, severe   stress can lead to rapid respiratory and circulatory failure, decreased blood   pressure, respiratory depression, etc.
  1. the person who ate the food immediately sent the hospital to treatment,   vomiting, gastric lavage and catharsis.
  2. avoid oily food and alcohol.


This product should be stored in   a dry, cool, ventilated and rainproof area, away from the source or heat   source.Place the child in and lock it.Do not store and transport other   commodities such as food, beverage and feed.