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Corn field

annual weed



1. This product is suitable for   dent corn and flint corns. Sweet corn, popcorn, corn seed field, inbred lines   were cornfield, unfavorable use. New varieties of corn that are used for the   first time should be confirmed safe after safety test.
  2. This drug will be used for crops other than maize, and should not be   sprayed or flowed into other crops in the surrounding area.
  3. This product should be used in the period of 3-6 leaves of maize, which   can be easily produced by early or late use;
  4. This product shall not be used in the corn fields of any other crops or   other crops.


The agent for the selective corn   field dedicated stem leaf herbicides, it not only to weed, digitaria, green   bristlegrass annual gramineous weeds have very good effect, but also for   purslane, amaranth, smartweed broadleaf grass and cyperus rotundus,   cyperaceae weeds and has good control effect.


1. Each crop is used up to one   time.Before dispensing the liquid, the medicine bottle should be fully   shaken, and the liquid will be diluted in proportion to fully stir and then   use.Do not repeat the application to avoid the drug.
  2. Do not use organic phosphorus pesticides for 7 days before and after use   of organic phosphorus pesticides, so as not to cause drug damage.
  3. After a few days, sometimes crops will fade or inhibit growth.
  4. The effect of the weeding effect will be affected within one week after   the application.
  5. The effect of the weeding effect can be affected by the rain after taking   the medicine, but if it rains after 6 hours, it does not affect the effect.

First Aid Instructions:

1. Skin: use a lot of water and   soap immediately.
  2. Eye: wash with lots of water, do not use neutralizer.Rinse the eyes and   rinse with water for at least 15 minutes.If there is any irritation, go to   the hospital immediately.
  3. Please use clean water to rinse your mouth and send the doctor to the   hospital immediately.


Seals are stored in a cool and   dry place and cannot be transported with food, drink, food or feed.This   product is flammable, away from fire source, heat source and children, and   lock.