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powdery mildew



1. This product should be used in   the early stage of crop disease spray;
  2. Melons are sensitive to this product and can be easily produced by drug,   and should be avoided when used.
  3. Please do not apply for heavy wind or expected rain within 1 hour.


This product is a triazole   fungicide.Absorbed by all parts of the plant, it can be transmitted through   the plant.Triadimefon principle of sterilization mechanism is very complex,   mainly inhibit bacteria ergosterol biosynthesis, thereby inhibiting or   interfere with the growth of bacteria attached spore and haustoria, the   formation of the growth of hyphae and spores.Triazolone is very active in   living organisms, but it is very poor.The activity of mycelium was stronger   than the spore.The effect of wheat powdery mildew is better.


1. This product has a safe   interval of 30 days in wheat, with the maximum number of use per season 2   times.
  2. This product shall not be used in combination with alkaline substances.
  3. Safety protection measures should be adopted when using this product, wear   protective clothing, wear protective gloves, mask and protective eyewear,   avoid skin contact and mouth and nose inhalation.Do not smoke, eat or   drink.After use, wash hands, face and other exposed skin and change clothes   timely.
  4. This product is toxic to aquatic organisms such as fish, and is far from   the use of the aquatic products.The liquid and liquid waste shall not   contaminate all kinds of water.This product has a high risk of the red eyed   bees, and the effect of attention on the red eyed bees.It is banned near the   silkworm and mulberry garden.
  5. Recommend the rotation of fungicides, which are different from other   mechanisms, to delay resistance generation.
  6. Avoid contact with pregnant women and lactating women.
  7. Used containers should be properly handled, can not be used, and cannot be   discarded at will.

First Aid Instructions:

It can stimulate the eyes, skin   and mucous membranes.If you feel unwell after use or after use, you should   stop working immediately, take emergency measures, and carry a tag to the   hospital.
  1. Skin: remove contaminated clothing, remove contaminated pesticide with   soft cloth and rinse immediately with plenty of water and fat soap;
  2. Eyes: immediately flush with flowing water for no less than 15 minutes;
  3. Inhalation: leave the site immediately and transfer to the clean air;
  4. Accidental ingestion: immediately stop taking it, rinse the mouth with   water and immediately bring pesticide label to the hospital.


1. This product should be stored   in a ventilated and dry warehouse.During storage, keep it wet and dry.
  2. This product shall be kept in a place where children, non-personnel and   animals are not in contact with and shall be kept in a lock.
  3. Do not mix with food, drink, seeds or feed, away from sources or heat   sources.