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Glyphosate isopropylamine salt
Publisher:admin Date:2018-09-06






Non-cultivated land


2.7-5.1 L/Ha

Cauline leaf spray

This product is used for the   treatment of weeds 4-8 leaves, 10 to 20 cm high, with a spray of 450litres/ha   of water.This product is a sterilizing herbicide. It is advisable to spray   water after dew in clear water, dilute the agent with water and spray it   evenly on the leaf surface of the weed, and not use sewage or hard water to   avoid the effect of the effect.The spray should not be exposed to any part of   the plant.Should be careful not to move to the adjacent crop field and fruit   tree seedling leaves to avoid the harmful effects.If it rains within 4 to 8   hours after applying the drug, it will reduce the efficacy and should be   replenishing.Dilute the liquid with water, or it will reduce the effect.


Glyphosate is a wide - spectrum   herbicide for endogenous absorption.It is safer for natural enemies and   beneficial organisms.Mainly by inhibiting the enol acetone in plant base   shikimic phosphate synthetase, thus inhibiting shikimic element to the   transformation of phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan to distract protein   synthesis cause plant death.Glyphosate within conductivity is famous for its   strong absorption, it can not only through the stem leaf conduction to the   underground part, but also in the same plant also can undertake conduction   between different tillering, the perennial deep underground root weeds damage   is very strong, can achieve the depth of the general agricultural machinery   cannot achieve.


1. Do not cut grass, graze, roll,   etc. Within 7 days after the application.
  2. This product is poisonous to birds and algae. When used, it is forbidden   to flow into the pond, and the application equipment must not be washed in   the river basin.Waste water for cleaning appliances cannot be discharged into   rivers, ponds and other water sources.
  3. This product should not be stored in iron and can not be sprayed with a   non-lined iron sprayer.
  4. Wear long trousers, gloves and glasses when using this product;Not   smoking, eating, etc.;Wash your hands and face after applying the   medicine.The flying area of the red eyed bees is banned.
  5. Avoid contact with pregnant women and lactating women.
  6. The used containers should be properly handled, must not be used, and   should not be discarded at will.

First Aid Instructions:

If you feel unwell after use or   after use, you should stop working immediately, take emergency measures, and   carry a tag to the hospital.
  1. Skin: remove contaminated clothing, remove contaminated pesticide with   soft cloth and rinse immediately with plenty of water and soap;
  2. eyes: immediately flush with water for no less than 15 minutes;
  3. Inhalation: leave the site immediately and move to the clean air;
  4. Accidental ingestion: immediately stop taking it, rinse the mouth with   water and immediately bring pesticide label to the hospital.


Store in a cool and dry place,   keep well ventilated, keep in place with children, unconnected persons and   animals and keep the lock.Avoid food, seeds and feed.Avoid below - 10 storage.The product should not exceed 2 meters in height so as   not to damage the packaging.