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Abamectin 1.8% EC
Publisher:admin Date:2018-09-06







Plutella xylostella







1. This product is used for the   control of cabbage moth and cucumber spotted flies in the larvae of three   years ago, and the spray should be evenly distributed.
  2. This product may be used in the morning or evening to improve the   effectiveness of the treatment. Do not increase the dosage of the drug when   used, and pay attention to the safety interval.
  3. Please do not apply the medicine if it is windy or expected to rain within   1 hour.


This product has the stomach   poison, tag, and fumigation action, has strong osmosis to the blade, and a   long residual effect, its mechanism of action is interference pests neural   physiological activities, stimulate the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid,   nerve conduction of arthropod inhibition, no pests after contact with the   onset of paralysis symptoms after death.


1. For 7 days, the maximum number   of pills per season is 1.The safety interval of cucumber is 3, 3 times per   season.
  2. Wear protective clothing, masks and gloves when using this product and   avoid inhaling the liquid.Do not eat or drink during the application.Wash   your hands and wash your face in time after taking the medicine.
  3. This product is toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms, bees, silkworm,   should avoid to affect the swarm around during applying pesticide, flowering   plants flowering, silkworm rearing room and mulberry field near the disabled,   away from aquaculture, applying pesticide bar water spray cleaning utensils   such as digging.
  4. Recommend the rotation of pesticides with different mechanisms.[5] used   containers should be properly handled, not used, and not disposed of at will.[6]   avoid contact with pregnant women and lactating women.

First Aid Instructions:

Symptoms of poisoning: the   symptoms are dilated pupils, dissonance, muscle tremor, and severe vomiting.
  1. Skin: clothing, watches, and hand accessories that have been   contaminated.Rinse the contact skin with plenty of water.Clothes must be   cleaned before they can be reused.
  2. Eyes: immediately rinse your eyes with plenty of water for about 15   minutes.If the symptoms persist, please call the hospital.
  3. Inhalation: quickly disengage from the scene to fresh air.Keep your breath   open.Oxygen is given when breathing is difficult.If breathing and heartbeat   are stopped, substitute breathing and heart massage immediately.
  4. Accidental ingestion: send hospital immediately.Take vomiting and give the   patient a syrupy syrup or ephedrine, but do not give the coma patient to   vomit or fill anything.To avoid the use of gamma-aminobutyric acid activity,   such as barbiturate, valproic acid, etc.


This product should be stored in   a dry, cool, ventilated and rainproof area, away from the source or heat   source.Place the child in and lock it.Do not store and transport other   commodities such as food, beverage and feed.